The modern education system works on the idea of teaching students in a virtual classroom environment, the reason being, it attracts mass learning. Education, always being a top priority, needs the most advanced technology to date. We all have started learning at big institutes under the guidance of experts, sitting at our homes. It is just because of technology that we have expanded our reach of learning.

For students, today a student or a learner can reach any place to learn without stepping out of his room. Everything has become virtual. They can reach out to educators from a different city, and also a different country. Simply, Education has no boundaries. This is all possible due to technological advancements in the sector. We can communicate over videoconferencing, webinars, live streaming, and also one-to-one meeting with educators.

For educators, it comes out to be a great opportunity when they can teach over the internet. A tutor or an educator can today teach a student from any part of the world, sitting at his home. The benefits are enormous, it saves time, cost, and energy. Also, the tutor gets a wide reach of students, establishing his student map. Nonetheless, technology in education, aka online learning is a boon towards an educated economy. looks for the betterment of education with the help of technology. We design products that help towards enhancing the educational growth of the community. We design APIs and SDKs for real-time communication, customizable to the teaching needs concerning a better communication system. We cater products like scalable audio and video streaming, along with live streaming and video conferencing APIs. Being highly dedicated to the promotion of virtual classroom education, we regularly design products that benefit this community.

How do we build interactive classrooms?

Online education, or simply ed-tech, requires several technologies to connect a teacher and a learning community. E-learning with comes with enthusiasm. We design products with full customization as per teaching needs. We develop products that ensure effortless management of work on a virtual platform. We look for simplicity, constituting easy-to-use teaching tools. Our products make it possible to connect with large masses at once in the least time.

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Real-time Communication

1. Real-time audio and video communication curates a live interactive session with real-time voice, video, and chat support, designed with no lags in connectivity. The educators and students can connect easily with our technologies. A wholesome quality experience where teaching can be done as personal tutoring, teaching a small batch, and teaching a large group. We have developed teaching tools with an extraordinary essence.

  • Video conferencing

A well-developed video conferencing API that makes room for 5000 participants at once, consequently with no time limitations. Secured and stable, one can easily address their presence in a meeting without entering passcodes. We value your time. We provide tutors with host access, whiteboard technology, and supportable screen sharing. Our scalable video conferencing makes access for more than 98% of devices, aiming technology to not be a barrier in learning.

  • Audio conferencing also provides one-to-one and group voice calls. Students and teachers can also communicate with each other for clearing small doubts and queries with audio calls. Voice calls are a faster communication tool for small conversations. We have designed the audio call APIs with cloud recording. We support audio conferencing with more than 5000 participants at once and that’s huge!

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Live Streaming

2. Live Streaming

We provide live streaming with a scalable quality and huge mass access. It can be interactive as well as non-interactive. We support streaming with unlimited participants at a scalable quality for uninterrupted learning. Live streaming supports 98% of devices along with flexible screen resolution and internet bandwidth. We support cloud stream recording with an on-demand video streaming facility.

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On-demand Video Streaming

3. On-demand Videos

We provide on-demand video streaming facilities to view the streaming videos and other recorded videos. This makes students help themselves by re-watching the videos for better study help. The teachers can also pre-record videos to help students play videos at their learning speed. We allow the facility of play and pause to make learning at a gradual speed. Our on-demand facility allows watching recorded video meetings and live streaming after being broadcasted. On-demand videos help students in designing a learning pattern, and teachers for reviewing old videos for new and more classified explanations.

How do we make your classroom worth it? always focuses on quality. With a never compromising attitude, we make experiences worth sharing in the community. Our quality development with generous attributes makes us mark above the standard level. We look for the best delivery of products to make learning better and qualitative. Our APIs and SDKs make sure that we define a classroom worth learning and teaching, all with a cohesive bond.

  1. Customization as per need provides full customization to a classroom meeting. All the necessary adjustments can be made with the provided label. We ensure a structured classroom delivery to you and you can even add more stars to it. We are flexible with changes to our APIs for learning and education

2. Astounding audio and video quality

With amazing customizable classrooms, the quality of audio and video that we provide is beyond par. Our HD audio and video quality, active speaker switch, noise cancellation, speaker’s window switch and more, make our learning rooms worth employing for education.

3. Fully functional attributes classrooms contain supreme attributes. We cater to whiteboard, real-time audio, video, and messaging, along with customizations. Supporting quality education, our tools help tutors to keep the students engaged.  

4. Dedicated scalability

Focusing on screen resolution and high-quality video delivery, we ensure scalability by supporting a majority of devices. Ensuring that learning must carry on even in unfavorable network conditions, we keep up with the latest technologies to meet the best video and audio quality for the student and teacher community. develops several customized classrooms for effective learning. Want to learn how we benefit educators and students with our exclusive classrooms?
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