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TYHO’s Referral Rate Skyrocketed to 88% after migrating from Twilio to Video SDK

Talk Your Heart Out (TYHO) is an end-to-end online therapy platform that makes it easy for anyone to get quality mental health support.



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Struggle with Quality and Support of Twilio

TYHO were not satisfied with the quality and the support from their previous provider - Twilio. When issues or complaints arose, the frustrating wait times for resolutions not only hindered a seamless experience for their end users but also posed challenges in maintaining the high standards they aim to achieve.



Video SDK's Key to Smooth Interactions

Video SDK maintained a smooth, hassle-free experience, ensuring optimal user interactions even in the face of network fluctuations, thanks to adaptive bitrate technology. Dedicated support team of Video SDK took proactive ownership of all concerns, swiftly resolving issues, irrespective of their relevance to specific features.

Shilpa Jain-CEO & Co-Founder at Talk Your Heart Out
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We switched from a major international player to Video SDK due to their responsiveness to feedback, superior product, and better service. They outshine bigger players in the market and have been excellent in resolving issues promptly.

Shilpa Jain ,

CEO & Co-Founder at Talk Your Heart Out

TYHO’s success with Video SDK


Customers referred TYHO

Improved call quality with advanced analytics lead to higher user satisfaction and increase in referrals.


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Consultation workflow customisation enabled the platform to create better user experience


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Exceptional audio-video quality and hassle-free therapy contribute significantly to their impressive client retention.

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