Virtual classrooms have today been one of the most useful teaching and learning tools. It has today been one of the trendiest techniques of teaching. Just be in one place and explore all the learning. These classrooms have made learning simpler. This has also become an advantage for tutors as they can engage a large crowd of students at once. These classrooms can also be broadcasted on multiple platforms, multiplying the reach.

At, we dedicate our products to education. Building several educational classrooms on a virtual platform we always try to make a tutor’s teaching and a student’s learning experience simplified. We have designed several classrooms as per the needs of the tutor. These classrooms are fully functional with amazing attributes and the best part is that they can be fully customized as per the teaching needs.

Our classroom designs

How to create super awesome classrooms with customization and ease

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Small Classrooms

1. Small classrooms

We also help tutors and students with one-to-one mentoring, engaging and enhancing personal attention towards learning. Keeping that in mind, we have designed classrooms where a student and a teacher can converse with each other, making engrossed and attentive learning. The students get personal guidance with a student-teacher ratio of 1:1.

When an educator focuses on bringing up a leader, he handpicks the students he visions as future leaders and coaches them for the path he aspires, under his guidance. small classroom platform also fulfills a tutor’s vision to guide students in a small group of 5 to 10 students, giving them personal guidance and attentiveness.

These classrooms give tutors full-fledged flexibility with operations and customization. The students can interact, debate and discuss with each other making the virtual platform a living classroom. We design classrooms with scalability, and high performative facets like whiteboards, media, and document uploads, with active screen sharing, which makes it more lively and engaging. This also helps a tutor to derive active communication within the smaller group to make big changes for their better future.

Small classrooms are fully functional with engaging tools. We allow customization for the classrooms, as per the needs of teaching. To make a small classroom, there is a paramount step that is required before commencing some fruitful learning and discussions. Follow the below link and create a wonderful classroom all with a lively environment.

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Large Classrooms

2. Large classrooms offers tutors to teach a large number of students at once. These rooms can accommodate 5,000 students at once. The tutor gets the authority of admitting, muting, and unmuting, and screen sharing on his own. These lecture rooms can be made interactive as well as non-interactive by the tutor. provides amazing features for a large classroom which can be recorded and played on-demand.

With a full-fledged useful explanation board and amazing real-time audio and video quality, we deliver the participants with screen sharing, query raising, active real-time chat with supportable audio and video quality. We support more than 98% of devices. We make features that can coordinate with a large number of people together, in an unchaotic way. We also develop highly coordinative audio quality with 360 spatial audio with voice changing and audio mixer, making the session lively. Our end-to-end encrypted video communication stands for a secured classroom learning.

Large classrooms are worth it when a tutor wants to deliver tutoring to a large number of people at once explaining with unlimited time allotment. builds this amazing platform for education. Develop a platform for educating a huge number of people within 10 minutes. Catch the below informative link to start a classroom instantly.

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Live Classrooms

3. Live classrooms

To an educator who believes that education is something worth delivering to each one, located remotely, but active to learning. What can be better than live classrooms? A live classroom streams to a million attendees, where a tutor gets huge engagement and can teach with full flexibility. The tutor can present his lecture live on the platform and also can encode and store a lecture video provided that it can be streamed on-demand provides tutors with high-quality streaming, favorable in unstable network conditions. We provide streaming over multiple platforms at once, enriching the audience count. With adaptive streaming, we deliver tutors with dedicated features like screen sharing, recording, and on-demand playback. The viewers can communicate via chatbox and can use it to post queries and comments in respect of the tutor.

Live streaming can be organized to attract huge engagements by the tutor for what he teaches. A tutor can develop a live stream within a few minutes and make his tutoring live over the internet covering mass learning. Build live streaming for the masses within a few minutes. Study the below-given link and make your steaming.

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Pre-recorded Classrooms

4. Pre-recorded classrooms being highly cooperative with the tutor and student, creating pre-recorded rooms of learning. These classrooms are filled up with lectures that are pre-recorded. A tutor, who desires to deliver a lecture but cannot manage live possibilities, can record a lecture and stream it at a scheduled time of his choice. These lectures are pre-recorded, encoded in the UI libraries, and hosted once demanded.

The ease with these classrooms is that a tutor gets to explain his course all at once without any network lags. The students can reach out to the recorded lectures whenever they wish, as per their flexibility. This uninterrupted lecture recording can also be attached with slides and videos for better understanding. With adaptive streaming, we ensure secured accessibility for the students.

Pre-recorded classroom gathers a large engagement of students as they can view these lectures on a loop until completely understood. Also, they can post their queries to the lecturer later and can review them for further help. Take a glance at how to build a pre-recorded classroom. Refer to the link below.

Also, refer to our blog that describes how makes education entertaining and enjoyable gathering masses together. You can refer to this link to learn how we keep education on one of the most dedicated use cases.

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