Video on Demand (VoD) creates an online video library for the viewers, which they can access anytime at their ease with any compatible device. Unlike the traditional media broadcasting channels, which demanded viewers to watch videos at the time of broadcast only, VoD is different. It allows viewers to view content at their comfort.

Video on Demand technology, the future of online content delivery has witnessed a rapid engagement in the current times. Today, the majority of the content is found attractive when it is in video format. There comes the idea of VoD. VoD is an abbreviation for Video on Demand. This system provides the technology of storing video content on the cloud in a compressed file format. Researchers have found that more than a written article or an e-mail, today, video content looks more alluring to the reader who has turned into a viewer. It is well said that whatever we visualize has more worth than whatever we read or listen to. The content visualized always holds more significance.

With the increasing global population, the use of smartphones and internet connection has also increased. This has in turn led to an increase in demand for online digital content. Today the businesses have witnessed a rise in demand for videos, and to assure you, this is a never-ending demand which is creating endless opportunities. Video on Demand is a technology that serves to reap benefits to the content creators as well. It allows users to view videos at their comfort, whenever they want, and in whatsoever manner they choose to view them. Video on Demand allows flexible viewing facilities to the users. This blog explains the term Video on Demand in detail, about what it is, how it works, and its benefits.

On a Video on Demand platform, one can play videos, seek the video forward and backward, pause and play, and watch later. It helps in managing videos, and deliver the content with the help of CDNs, which helps in providing fast and reliable content delivery to the businesses. Professionally, it also helps businesses to have full control over the content delivery and its distribution. It helps to customize the content delivery for businesses to deliver the apt data consensual by them. It sets an arrangement of pre-recorded data, which can be reviewed in the future.

Often live streaming and VoD are considered similar but in reality, they are pretty different. Let us understand what is live streaming.

What is Live Streaming?

Live streaming is a concept that allows businesses to stream their content online. Viewers can watch the content on a real-time basis. The viewers can watch the streaming which is happening live and can also watch them later, if recorded, using VoD. On a live stream, the viewers can also pause, play, and make the videos play backward. Live streaming is valuable as it connects to its customers, creating a live bond with them. It also allows live chat with the viewers. VoD lacks a live chat facility, though it allows a well-versed playback video facility for the same recorded live stream.

Live streaming helps businesses to make announcements for the public, media releases, and press conferences to increase their PR activity with the external environment. Live streaming is a beneficial tool as it helps businesses to boost their marketing and branding strategies too. A live stream can be later accessed as a VoD. the stream can also be accessed later with the help of the VoD facility.

How to choose an ideal Video on Demand facility?

Choosing an ideal VoD facility is a must as it helps in making engagements better. The viewers are generally consumer-oriented which leads to a raised concern of security and a good system workforce, which doesn’t lag or create unusual issues for the general viewers. Analyzing business trends, good branding is necessary, but in the current trends, businesses have turned customer-oriented, where the features have been designed in accordance to the customer ease.

VideoSDK  makes the client experience better. We infuse all the features of live streaming as well as video-on-demand at one platform. We make your experience worth sharing with others. We keep up with a huge product range, starting from

  • Customizable API and SDK with UI library
  • Low-latency scalable live streaming
  • Video-on-demand facility
  • Content Delivery Networks and more
All these products we serve to our clients on a single platform enhancing the consumer-development opportunities and user-friendly approach.

VideoSDK offers clients amazing video on demand facilities

(1) Whitelabel

You can host your videos on live streaming with the Whitelabel facility, engaging the screen with your branding and logo

(2) Scalable streaming

We cater to flawless, uninterrupted streaming, with the stream recording facility. We help you engage a million users

(3) Compatibility

We are compatible with 98% of devices, including Android, iOS, and more. All we aim is to provide maximum engagement to your application

(4) Customizable APIs and SDKs

VideoSDK develop APIs and SDKs designed on the demand of its clients in any manner they wish

(5) Video on demand facility

With the facility of live streaming, VideoSDK also allows a flexible VoD feature, where the clients can view the content at their ease.

(6) Video playback

We also offer a facility of video playback, where the viewers get an option to loop the video, play and pause, and make their video fasten or slow as for their comfort.

(7) Secured accessibility

We ensure secured access to your platform for your customers to make a better engagement platform for you.

(8) Adaptive Live Streaming

VideoSDK  caters to scalable streaming based on the device, supportive quality, and  internet bandwidth

(9) Adaptive Video Streaming

We also provide services for streaming videos, with effective scalability and VoD facility, supporting the majority of devices.

(10) Encoding

VideoSDK  helps in encoding videos and images, compressing them into digital format, saving them as fluid data making them compatible with all mobile devices.

(11) Hosting

We provide the facility of hosting videos, which are uploaded by the clients with us. We help in uploading the videos and hosting them to online platforms.

(12) Content Delivery Network

We provide a global CDN with global geo-replication and edge location delivery. Protected with DDos, we ensure faster delivery with enterprise-grade security.

(13) Multi-platform Streaming

Stream live on several social media platforms all at once. Enjoy going live, consuming less time. Build a strong branding strategy with us.

VideoSDK  is an ideal platform for users to develop their streaming platforms flawless with no extra effort. We customize our APIs and SDKs according to client preferences to increase their app engagement. The CDNs we use for storing the digital content are exclusively secured enabling reliable and scalable excels in its features.

Apart from the above facilities, we also deliver some additional features making ourselves a reliable platform to use. Connect with us and explore what you never explored before.

Reach us and get enriched with more such value content and an everlasting business corporate relation.

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