1. “Multistream” parameter for great video quality experience in 1-1 meeting

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Get the best quality video experience in 1-1 video meeting by receiving only the HD stream.

➡️ Read docs: → Javascript, React Native, Flutter.

2. In-meeting call statistics in Prebuilt SDK.

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Access the real-time data for the participants' media streams during an ongoing meeting, including jitter, bitrate, packet loss, latency, etc. Simply click over the network symbol in the participant feed's upper right corner.

➡️ Update version: →v0.3.23

3. Group call example in React Native

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A freshly developed code sample of group calling with significant UI enhancements has been released.

➡️ Read docs: React Native Example

4. Interactive live streaming example for React SDK

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A new code sample for interactive live streaming with a bunch of features like reactions, poll, recording has been released

➡️ Read docs: React Example

5. Banuba integration in Android SDK

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Now Banuba SDK is supported in Android SDK to enhance video calls with real-time face filters and virtual backgrounds.

➡️ Read docs: Android

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