This month, we're thrilled to deliver a range of exciting updates designed to simplify your development experience and empower you to create even more seamless video-calling experiences. Let's dive into what's new:

🔥 New Feature: Pre-call Screen (React Native)

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We're introducing the pre-call screen feature for our React Native users! This highly requested addition allows users to test their audio and video devices before joining a call, ensuring a smooth and frustration-free call experience for everyone involved.

️➡️ Pre-Call documentation for React Native

⚙️ React and JavaScript Pre-Call Documentation

We launched Pre-Call Setup documentation with a significant upgrade, providing improved clarity and guidance. 👇

️➡️ Pre-call documentation for React

️➡️ Pre-Call documentation for JavaScript

🆙 General Updates

We're also committed to improving your development experience with VideoSDK. This month, we focused on making our documentation even better across all platforms. We've worked on our React, React Native, and JavaScript documentation to make it even clearer and easier to provide better clarity and guidance.

➡️ React

➡️ React Native

➡️ JavaScript

Internal Updates

While some updates are user-facing, We've also been busy making some important internal improvements to enhance the overall stability and performance of VideoSDK. This month, we've implemented several internal improvements to further enhance the reliability and efficiency of VideoSDK.

👀 Coming Soon

We know you might be wondering what the VideoSDK team has been cooking up lately. While February didn't bring a major release, our engineers have been diligently working on some groundbreaking features that will revolutionize your video calling. Here's a sneak peek at what's coming soon to VideoSDK:

☎️ SIP - Session Initiation Protocol

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We're working on the exciting integration of Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) functionality into our platform. This will enable seamless integration between your video calls and traditional phone networks, opening up new avenues for communication and collaboration.

🚀 And, One More Thing about Twilio!

If you've been impacted by the Twilio Video API sunset and need a smooth transition, then

📦 We launched the Twilio Migration Package

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In this, we're offering 1 Million Free Minutes, dedicated CS support, and comprehensive migration guides that will guide you every step of the way, making your migration hassle-free from Twilio. Trust VideoSDK to ensure your upgrade journey is seamless and efficient. Let's navigate this transition together!

➡️ See our Migration Package

➡️ Also, check our Migration Guides

📌 Conclusion

And that's a wrap for February. But worry not dear reader, because the hustle continues!  We already have exciting and innovative features in the coming months.

Oh, and if you haven't already, why not Signup for VideoSDK and join our lively Discord community? Let's continue this over there.

Until next time, keep up the momentum and stay tuned for what's next!