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Vonage is restricted in capabilities of customisation, roles and permissions. Get rid of limitations with Video SDK.

  • In built, chat, poll, whiteboard, Q&A.
  • End to end granular customisation.
  • 10,000 minutes free every month.
  • No credit card required.
  • Video SDK 2.0 - The world's most developer-friendly live audio & video SDKs | Product Hunt
    Vonage Alternatives
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    Vonage is highly expensive compared to Video SDK

    Reduce yout cloud cost almost to half

    Video SDK in-expensive compared to Vonage. Don't pay thousands of dollars for each extra feature. Just pay what you use.

    In-built firewall, TURN & Analytics

    Free support of inbuilt configurable firewall, TURN server and analytics

    Excellent call quality with high bitrate

    Vonage restricts on resolution and bitrate. with Video SDK, enable high quality audio and video conferencing.

    Features comparison: Vonage vs Video SDK


    No. of Host with audio and video on

    Max. cocurrent room participants

    Ease of SDK Integration

    Mobile browsers support

    No. of on screen video tile support per page

    RTMP Live Streaming with Dynamic Layout for Studio

    Interactive live streaming support

    Max Quality

    Inspection for network and quality

    Cloud recording

    Automatic video and audio track degrade due to bandwidth in-consistency

    Build collabrative features like chat, poll, Q & A, whiteboard etc.

    Virtual background, live transcription & ml middleware



    Quality control via bitrate targets

    Quality control via simulcast


    25 Participants

    55 participants only

    Avg. integration takes 3+ months.

    Limited support (works good on chrome only)

    Only 10 on-screen video tile participant support per page

    In-built support of RTMP Live Streaming but customisation is not possible.

    No available in interactive way.


    No analytics for quality and network inspection

    Fixed and manual config of composition required

    Have to write code to handle audio and video track degrade.

    Need to integrate external SDKs for collabrative features.

    Complex integration with 3rd party integration

    Only for cloud recording use-cases

    Limited quality stats aggregated to overall session

    No API for bitrate targets

    No API for bitrate targets

    Video SDK

    50 Participants

    10,000+ participants in one meeting.

    Avg. integration takes only 2 weeks.

    98% browsers support (Chrome, Safari, Firefox, IE etc).

    25+ on-screen video tile participant support per page

    In-built templates with features like background, lower-third etc.

    10,000 interactive participant support


    End to end quality and network reports

    Fully customisable and automatically composed

    Automated degrade of audio and video tracks.

    Native protocol support for all the collabrative features.

    Simple integration with in-built support

    Flexible wehooks for all the meeting states

    Detailed per particiapnt analytics on joining time, audio / video quality and network quality

    Customizable via an Tracks

    Customizable via an Tracks

    Pricing Comparison: Vonage vs Video SDK


    Pricing Model

    Volume Discount

    Video Conferencing

    Interactive Live Streaming

    Cloud Recording

    RTMP Streaming

    Storage (on platform)

    External Data Storage (S3)


    Allowed IP List

    Regional Media Zones

    Advanced Firewall — Configurable TURN

    Advanced Firewall — IP Proxy

    AES-256 Transport Encryption

    Interactive Whiteboard


    On the basis of usage

    No volume discount.

    $4 per participant per 1000 minutes

    Not available. It cost much higher than video sdk.

    $45 per 1000 minutes recording, $125 for composition

    Not Available

    $5 per GB per month

    Not Available

    $500 / month

    $1500 / month

    $1000 / region / month

    $1000 / month

    $1000 / month

    $500 / month

    Not available

    Video SDK

    On the basis of usage

    Up to 20% for 1–5M minutes/month.

    $2 per participant per 1000 minutes

    Flat resolution based pricing. Irrespective of No. of participants.

    Flat pricing, $10 per 1000 minutes, No limit on participants

    $15 per 1000 minutes

    $3 per 1000 minutes per month






    Coming Soon (Free)



    Support Comparison: Vonage vs Video SDK



    Advanced Insights

    Reports API

    Access to Testing

    Access to TAM / CS Engineer



    Community Support


    Too expensive support plan with multiple tiers.

  • Standard: FREE
  • Priority: $750 / month
  • Premium: $1,500 / month
  • Premier: $3,000 / month
  • $500 / month

    450/month (then $0.0004/CDR)

    All paid accounts get access to testing support from Video SDK.

    Multiple tiers plan.

    Multiple tiers plan.

    Dashboard tier ticket system.

    Vonage does not have official slack support.

    Video SDK

    Simple and completely free support plan.

  • No additional cost
  • No additional cost
  • No additional cost
  • No additional cost
  • FREE


    No explicit support for testing, quality measurements and reports.

    Dedicated CS & Solution Engineer.

    Inexpensive SLA with 99.9% Uptime.

    Slack & Discord

    Video SDK has an officual Discord server.

    FAQ (How it works)

    What does Vonage do?

    Vonage is API based communication platform which provides pay as you go services like SMS, Voice, Video Communication etc.

    Who is Vonage competitor?

    Vonage competitors are

      1. Video SDK
      2. Twilio
      3. Ring Central

    Do you have to pay for Vonage?

    Yes, Vonage does provide free quota for basic usage but you have to pay as you use after the quota.

    Why customers love Video SDK?

    Michael Ashmead

    "Video SDK is a great product that is cost-effective and has many features (and is adding new features rapidly too). We compared many video solutions but found Video SDK to be the best. In addition, they listen to their customers' feature requests and also have great customer support."

    Michael Ashmead

    Cofounder at ForagerOne

    "We're using Video SDK for a while for our live streaming features."

    We're using Video SDK for a while for our live streaming features.

    Emir Karşıyakalı

    Founder & CEO of Kommunity

    "This looks amazing! You're making a lot of makers' lives easier with this one."

    This looks amazing! You're making a lot of makers' lives easier with this one.

    Oscar Wehbe

    Director at thisapp

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