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How MomentoStreamincreased user engagement
into their live streaming platform with Video SDK

How MomentoStreamincreased user engagementinto their live streaming platform with Video SDK



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Real-time Audio & Video SDK

Cloud Recording

RTMP Simulcast

MomentoStream is a virtual studio designed for any type of session you might have and make it a fully personalized and amazing digital experience for your audience.

Challenge: Scale the platform and make it engaging

MomentoStream faced issues with their previous video solutions, such as limited customization options and unstable scalability. To enhance their virtual sessions, they opted for Video SDK, offering greater flexibility and improved user experience.

David Burgos-Founder & CEO, MomentoStream
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Video SDK is a great product that is cost-effective and has many features (and is adding new features rapidly too). We compared many video solutions but found Video SDK to be the best. In addition, they listen to their customers' feature requests and also have great customer support.

David Burgos ,

Founder & CEO, MomentoStream

Quick and customized integration of Video SDK solved their problem

MomentoStream swiftly and successfully resolved all their video infrastructure challenges by integrating Video SDK into their platform. The integration process was completed efficiently within a few days, impressing MomentoStream with its seamless implementation and hassle-free launch.


Video SDK integration empowered MomentoStream with remarkable scalability, accommodating large user volumes across multiple social media platforms simultaneously. The addition of customizable layouts, interactive features, and multi-language support significantly enhanced user engagement, boosting platform usage, conversion rates, and expanding the audience reach.


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time required to go live

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