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#1 AWS Chime Alternative

Are you looking for an AWS Chime alternative?

Get started with Video SDK in just couple of hours with highly customisable UI kits.

  • In built, chat, poll, whiteboard, Q&A.
  • End to end granular customisation.
  • 10,000 minutes free every month.
  • No credit card required.


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Experiencing challenges with AWS Chime? Fix all with Video SDK

Super Fast Implementation

Prebuilt templates for creating virtual events and classrooms, as well as adding video calling to your platform in 10 minutes.


Reduce Development Effort

Custom video tracks, optimized mode for text and motion, preconfigured templates, and code examples save development efforts by 100x.


Optimized For Best Call Quality

Low-latency across the globe with high bitrate audio and video streams.

Features Comparison: AWS Chime vs Video SDK

Video SDK
AWS Chime
No. of participants (Including hosts)
VideoSDK supports millions participants.
AWS Chime supports upto 55 participants.
Ease of SDK Integration
VideoSDK generally requires more than 2 weeks for

SDK integration

Requires high coding effort
Adpative audio/video quality
VideoSDK offers adaptive audio/video quality.
AWS Chime offers adaptive audio/video quality.
Works behind the Firewall, Private Network
Role Management, Permissions, Policy and Templates
VideoSDK offer Role Management, Permissions, Policy & Templates.
AWS Chime offer limited Role Management, Permissions, Policy & Templates.
Automatic video and audio track degrade due to bandwidth in-consistency
Not available
Dynamic Layout for Studio and RTMP Live Streaming
In VideoSDK no needed manual configuration.
Not available
Build collaborative features like chat, poll, Q & A, whiteboard etc.
Collaborative features available VideoSDK.
In AWS Chime collaborative features is not available.
Virtual Background, Live Transcription & ML Middleware
Easy integration
Not available
Not available
Pricing Model
Usage based


Usage based
Interactive Live Streaming
VideoSDK supports

interactive live streaming

Separate SDK
Cloud Recording
VideoSDK offers cloud recording capabilities.
AWS Chime offers cloud recording capabilities.
Interactive Whiteboard
VideoSDK provides an interactive whiteboard feature.
AWS Chime not provides an interactive whiteboard feature.
VideoSDK supports multiple platforms for a wider reach.
AWS Chime not supports multiple platforms for a wider reach
Interactive Participant Support
Up to 5,000
AWS Chime support upto 250 interactive participants.
Mobile browser support
Video support only 90% mobile browsers.
AWS Chime offers limited support for mobile browsers.
Automatic audio / video degrade, re-connectivity
VideoSDK supports automatic audio/video quality adjustments..
AWS Chime supports automatic audio/video quality adjustments..
Audio & Video powered by AI
Independent of Open Source Dependency
VideoSDK is not dependent on open source.
AWS Chime is not dependent on open source.
Customised RTMP, Cloud Recording, HLS
API for building specific features such as collaborative games, polls etc
API to build social features such as merging rooms, battles, coins, gifts sending etc
Full HD recording
VideoSDK supports full HD recording.
AWS Chime supports full HD recording.
Open source templates
VideoSDK heavily rely on open source templates.
Full Custom roles
VideoSDK offer support for full custom roles.
AWS Chime offer limited support for custom roles.
HLS Streaming
VideoSDK supports HLS streaming.
AWS Chime supports HLS streaming.
VideoSDK is cost effective.
AWS Chime is not cost effective.
Prebuilt SDK
VideoSDK provides prebuilt SDKs for easier integration.
AWS Chime not provides prebuilt SDKs for easier integration.
Fully customizable UI
VideoSDK allows for a Limited customizable UI.
AWS Chime not allows for a customizable UI.
Metaverse platform support
VideoSDK support Metaverse platform.
AWS Chime not support Metaverse platform.
Session analytics
VideoSDK offer session analytics option.
Data Tracks
VideoSDK offer track data option.
AWS Chime not offer data tracks option.

Price Comparison: AWS Chime vs Video SDK

Video SDK
AWS Chime
Volume Discount
VideoSDK offer the

volume discount

AWS Chime offer the volume discount.
Video Conferencing
  • Video SD: $2.00
  • Video HD: $3.00
  • Video Full HD: $7.00
  • Video 2K: $7.00
  • Video 2K+: $7.00
  • $1.7 per 1,000 minutes
VideoSDK offer free analytics.
$0.023 per minute
Separate pricing for video and audio
Free 10,000 minutes every month
Minimum price for video calls
$0.002 per participant minute
$0.0017 per participant minute
Minimum price for audio-only calls
$0.0006 per participant min
$0.0017 per participant minute
Advanced Firewall Control
VideoSDK offer free firewall control.
Compliance & Privacy
Secure real-time audio-video to your app or website with compliance and privacy.
  1. HIPPA Complaint
  2. GDPR Complaint
  3. Data Localization
  4. SOC 2 Type 2
  5. VAPT(Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing,)
  6. CERT-in (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team )
AWS Chime SDK provides robust support for HIPAA compliance.
Cloud recording pricing
  • Video SD: $15.00 1,000 minutes, No limit on participants
  • Video HD: $15.00 1,000 minutes,No limit on participants
  • $12.5 per 1,000 minutes
RTMP pricing
  • $15 per 1,000 minutes
ILS pricing
  • $0.001 per participant minute (Also supports Full HD)
Storage pricing
  • $3 per 1000 minutes per month
  • $0.023 per GB
Support comparison: AWS Chime vs Video SDK
Video SDK
AWS Chime
  • Plans upto $5,500 per month
Access to Testing
All paid accounts get access to testing support from Video SDK.
Access to TAM / CS Engineer
Dedicated CS & Solution Engineers
Inexpensive SLA with

99.9% uptime



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“We switched from a major international player to Video SDK due to their responsiveness to feedback, superior product, and better service. They outshine bigger players in the market and have been excellent in resolving issues promptly.”

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