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The modern world demands technologies out of the box. Each day a tech company announces something new to keep the community inclined and interested in their product. Altogether, bringing up something new to the users with creativity is the only key to enhancing engagement. The good part is that real-time audio and video communication is seeing rapid advancements in the current time. Decades back our community began searching for long-distance modes of communication. Whether it is a corporate firm or a social community, each one seeks video communication.

Invest 10 minutes. Shape your video-calling API with an embedded prebuilt code. It’s that simple!

The easiest one-click video that we use for communication is skillfully curated by the developers. introduces its API for video calls. Easy to construct, our APIs help developers secure a quality video experience for their clients, with a supportable prebuilt UI.

The idea that turned into motivation

Ever since technology expanded, people have made themselves comfortable with enormous technologies. One such successful technology is easy video conferencing. With several defined features, video conferencing enables communicating with people over a long distance.

Video conferencing or video calling has been one of the most significant tools for people today. From big corporate conferences to small meetings, from family meetings to one-to-one video calls, each one needs video calling for face-to-face communication. Video conferencing has been a major demand of each industry today to connect with people. A layman user needs just a device and internet to connect to a video conference whereas a developer needs APIs to build a video calling feature for applications to deliver it to the end-user. That made us believe in using our skills to deliver something extraordinary for the developers’ community.

From developers to developers

This blog describes how simply a developer can build a video calling API with the help of embedded pre-built SDKs here at We have designed this API to minimize, or simply cut down the stress of the development of a product by the developers. Our pre-built UI helps developers to build their products with minimal effort. We here at believe that our pre-builts can help a developer to curate its product in not more than 10 minutes, making themselves extremely organized and swift. With supremacy in our product pre-builts, assure minimal wastage of resources considering the time and costs of development.

What is Pre-built SDK? brings their embedded pre-built SDK, simple and easy to use, for the developers. Among the various SDKs we offer, this blog describes the embedded pre-built SDK which one can easily substitute for the time-consuming procedures of integrating a video calling tool. We offer economical, time-efficient pre-built SDKs for developers to accomplish half of their tasks, making their work simpler and faster.

What makes our Video Calling APIs a sure shot deal

We offer multiple features that emphasize faster delivery of outputs with quality support. Our team works on delivering the best quality support to the developers where everything is designed with simplicity and decorated with modern tech. Here at, we offer developers some all-time notable assistance.

  1. We offer top browsing support to developers on browsers like Chrome, Edge, Firefox, and Safari, providing flexible support to the users.
  2. We dispense efficient support to more than 98% of devices, helping developers and users make it a fair deal to use.
  3. designs its embedded pre-built SDKs in a simpler and easy-to-use manner, making it a utility even for a fresher or an inexperienced developer.
  4. We help to create a one-click workplace for video calls, establishing video conferences in one click, enabling a huge participant crowd at once.
  5. We build a stronger UI for developers so that they can make their work simplified and less time-consuming
  6. works for security and privacy, all the calls are end-to-end encrypted. We prioritize a user’s privacy of the utmost significance.
  7. We deliver astounding video calling with low latency and minimal disturbances, which makes it fitter for communication.

Our APIs are super sleek

The APIs give one an amazing video-calling experience to make communication effective. We offer a high-quality video and audio experience for users with any mobile device.

With our embedded SDK, a developer can embed a video call widget in the web application. It supports 98% of devices across all platforms and adaptive video calling for better quality calls with low latency. Developers can also customize embedded SDK to make it more convenient for an application.

Experience a quick setup of video calling API with our pre-built UI

Build your one-click video calls in just a few minutes. We offer real-time communication with wholesome attributes and alluring audio and video quality. has always developed its products with technical sustainability and modern creativity. Our attractive video-calling SDKs also allow customization as per the developer's needs.

High audio quality support

The pre-built embedded SDKs allow developers to experience high-quality natural audio support with clear voice with no clutter, covering a full sound bandwidth. Get scalable, audio from 16kHz to 48 kHz with 360 spatial audio support.

AI-powered audio mixing and speaker switch

Experience AI-Powered features of voice and audio mixer with intelligent active speaker switch all with a qualitative approach.

Noise and disturbance cancellation

The pre-built allows the cancellation of unwanted distractive sounds with its algorithms, making a meeting noise-free and crystal clear.

High video quality standards

With low latency, the SDK ensures video conferencing of high quality with an adaptive quality supporting 98% of devices. Enjoy resolution scalable up to 2K.

HD and Full HD video calling support

Enjoy video conferencing with HD and Full HD video conferencing screens, with ultra-wide and enhanced quality screen support.

Screen sharing

With our embedded pre-built SDK, get the feature of screen sharing, partially or entirely.

Notable recording and chat support

Record the meetings and use them with the VoD facility. Get in-built chat support, with query raising and other functionalities.

Bonus activities

An additional bonus of activities like whiteboard and polls, for education, health, and other use cases.

These video call APIs are beautifully constructed for users of several industries. The developers as mentioned above get the customization features on hand so that they can curate a video calling feature for the sectors they work for, delivering it for their respective applications.
  • Easy and simple to use
  • Developed with maximum diligence to avoid any sort of glitch
  • Flexibility towards device support.
  • One-click joining in the meetings
  • Secured and encrypted
  • Scalable video quality

Use cases of video conferencing

  • Online health consultancy
  • E-learning, or education over a long-distance
  • Social engagements
  • Internal and external Business communication
  • Religious and motivational sessions is facilitates multiple features on its video calling API. We offer to build a app via video calling API in just 10-minutes with our pre-built SDKs. Our eminent features make a developer’s work less stressful. Our team puts all its effort into building product with top-notch quality, delivering the best each time to developers.
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