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You can now explore interactive live streaming and other add-on services under our Monthly Free Minutes Plan. This bonus enables you to explore and test these valuable services without incurring additional costs, allowing for greater experimentation and integration possibilities.

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Screen share support in Flutter SDK for desktop & web

The latest update in flutter SDK introduces the highly anticipated screen-sharing feature for desktop (Mac and Windows) and web.

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➡️ Read docs: Flutter

Add funds and credit card feature for an uninterrupted experience!

You can now conveniently add funds and manage your payment methods by adding credit cards. This feature ensures that you have an uninterrupted experience even after using your monthly free minutes.

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JavaScript documentation revamp

The JavaScript documentation for the Video SDKs has been thoroughly revamped, offering improved clarity and ease of use. The updated documentation provides comprehensive guidance and reference materials, making it even more convenient for developers to integrate.

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➡️ Read docs: JavaScipt

Interactive Live Streaming in iOS SDK

Build an immersive live streaming platform utilizing the iOS SDK that empowers you with real-time interaction through video, voice, and chat on a large scale.

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➡️ Learn how: iOS

Pin participant feature in iOS SDK

In large meetings, you can pin one or two participants on the main screen to help viewers focus on them.

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Typescript support

Typescript integration has been implemented for empowering developers working with JavaScript, React and React Native.

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