February - Monthly Update

Control your network bandwidth in Prebuilt SDK

Do you find yourself in a low network area, or want to reduce bandwidth consumption? Now you have the power to adjust the video resolution according to your network conditions.

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➡️ Read docs: v0.3.29

Mirror your camera view in Prebuilt SDK

When sharing your camera, you can reverse the image of yourself by enabling the “Mirror View”. This is helpful if you are presenting something in the background (like a whiteboard) or your virtual background includes text.

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➡️ Read docs: v0.3.29

Get the events notification when you switch the networks or become disconnected in the Prebuilt SDK.

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➡️ Read docs: v0.3.29

“Multistream” parameter for great video quality experience in 1-1 meeting

Get the best quality video experience in 1-1 video meeting by receiving only the HD stream.

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➡️ Read docs: Multistream

HLS example in Android

Android example that illustrate how to build a Live streaming app using HLS with features like reactions, live commerce etc.

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➡️ Clone Now →: HLS example in Android

What’s next?

Team invite feature

Create your organization, invite team members and build together.

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