The presence of video technology and cloud technology has highly impacted almost every industry around the world, including the healthcare sector. You must be wondering how a personal field such as medicine can be possible through long-distance communication, but telemedicine has shown substantial growth over the past years, and it continues to grow at a rapid rate by registering a healthy CAGR.

The number of people using telemedicine has increased a lot. From 2000-2016 there are 260 new telemedicine companies launched. And it is expected that the telemedicine market will show great influence in the coming years.

There are so many factors that have a positive impact on the telemedicine industry. But recently, the covid-19 pandemic has become one of the major factors influencing the telemedicine industry as people are now more concerned about social distancing. Governments around the world have taken many initiatives to provide healthcare to people from a distance.

Additionally, telemedicine has added so many advantages for the people, including reducing the cost, improving the accessibility of healthcare in underdeveloped regions, and better patient morale. Furthermore, telemedicine has allowed people to take quick actions that can be life-saving. A patient can get immediate treatment for any problem without a costly and time-consuming visit to a hospital.

Modernizing the treatment procedures

Treating health problems from a distance was a dream a few years back but is now one of the most adapted solutions. The treatment procedures are not easily done with the help of video conferences and other features of the telemedicine applications. These solutions have made it easy for the patients as well as the doctors to converse through a laptop or a mobile device. Now, most people have smartphones, so video calling has become easy.

The participants can join voice calls and video conferences with just one click from their mobile phone by downloading the app. Additionally, the doctor can check the MRI, X-ray, and other reports with just a few clicks. Doctors can also consult easily with more experienced specialists across the world in case of any critical cases. Here no infrastructure is required, and everything is easily accessible through the phone or computer.

What is the future of telemedicine in the coming years?

According to data, the healthcare sector has slowed down a little when it comes to using digital ways. However, due to the covid-19 pandemic, the demand for telemedicine has accelerated. It has further led to an increase in investments in telemedicine. After the pandemic, the healthcare providers are looking to invest more in telemedicine, and the telemedicine market is expected to increase by 15% more by the start of 2025. So now it is fine to say that the era of digitalization starts here and the future of telemedicine is great.

The substantial growth of telemedicine with each passing day

No matter the symptoms you are dealing with, you are just one call away. Because of this, many people are not taking the help of telemedicine. The convenience factor has encouraged people to use technology to talk with the doctor rather than taking appointments. Many people don’t even prefer to visit the clinic because of their fear and anxiety, and for this, telemedicine is the best solution.

In only five years, the telemedicine market will take one-fourth of the health IT market, which is huge. Telemedicine will grow at a rapid speed because it offers a wide range of benefits. And It will reach a point in the next few years when the doctors in the clinic will struggle to find enough patients.

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Global telemedicine market size in 2019 and a forecast for 2026

How technological advancement plays a huge role in the growth of telemedicine

The role of technology is very crucial in the success of telemedicine. Without the help of video conferences and other advanced features, telemedicine will struggle. Now with the help of the apps, the doctors can see the reports of the patients and be able to give them effective treatment options. There are so many apps that offer so many advantages to the patients as well as the users.

However, there are so many improvements still going on, and these apps will add many more helpful features for a better treatment facility. Additionally, there are many apps that will be available soon. Now the smartphones come with better cameras, and everyone has access to high-speed internet. All the factors have helped the telemedicine industry to grow. With access to better and advanced technology, patients can interact with the doctors in a better way.

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The future of telemedicine with technological development

Technological advancement like AI has created a huge impact on telemedicine, and it will have a massive influence on telemedicine in the future. During critical times, AI-powered solutions can be used for automated interaction with patients. The AI-powered chatbots are integrated with all the medical information like medications for symptoms, treatments, conditions, etc. these features can be a savior in time of need.

In addition, AI applications have the power to speed up the diagnosis process. For instance, the FDA approved the first AI-powered device that can detect eye problems by examining the pictures of the retina. When high-quality photos are uploaded into the device ten, it starts to check for possible indications.

Apart from AI, VR technology is also set to take telemedicine to the next level. VR technology makes healthcare more effective and convenient. With VR technology, people can see and talk with a health professional through their computer or smartphone. This eliminates the need for actual doctor visits, as people can see the doctor from the comfort of their homes.

Final words

The rapid advancement in technology is driving every industry, but healthcare is the most exciting one indeed. The telemedicine industry is moving fast, but there are still many challenges. But telemedicine will surely overcome these challenges because it has so much to offer humanity. Telemedicine will help not only the patients but also the doctor in so many ways.