Interactive live streaming has become one of the most engaging platforms to virtually make social, cultural, political, and corporate happenings. After the pandemic, communication over the web has accelerated.

Interactive live streaming is a web-based live stream that allows interaction between both, the host and the viewers. Usually, streaming platforms are recognized at platforms where the host is the only entity granted with the activity of speech and presentation. However, interactive live streaming allows the participation of both groups- the host and the viewers.

This blog is dedicated to pricing. We bring interactive live streaming to you with the most astounding quality and features along with affordability. We have simplified pricing plans that help in making effective strategies for the users. It makes readers create a clear picture of how we effectively function with pricing. You can always get in touch with us in case of any query or fix. We are happy to assist you.

How to Calculate the Cost of Interactive Live Streaming?

Interactive live streaming involves cost computation of two entities

a) The host/ broadcaster and b) The viewers

  • The cost is calculated per stream
  • We deliver interactive live streaming in two resolutions, 720p (HD) and 1080p (Full HD)
  • The calculation is based on the sum of broadcaster and viewer cost
  • The stream can address multiple hosts
  • Recording and RTMP of stream carry additional costs

Cost of host= Unit price (revolution per minute) x number of minutes x Total hosts

Cost of views= Unit price (revolution per minute) x number of minutes x Total participants

Total cost= Cost of Hosts + Cost of Viewers

At 720p- Cost per host= $ 0.00299, Cost per viewer= $ 0.0015

At 1080p- Cost per host= $ 0.00699, Cost per viewer= $0.004

Let’s get a better understanding with some examples

Example 1

Video SDK Image

Given that; Total streaming minutes= 45, Total Viewers= 1,000 Total Hosts= 1

  1. At 720p Total Cost= $ 67.63
  2. At 1080p Total Cost= $ 180.31 (0.00699 x 45 x 1) + (0.004 x 45 x 1000)

Let’s take an example with multiple hosts

Example 2

Given that; Total streaming minutes= 60, Total Viewers= 2,500 Total Hosts= 6

  1. At 720p Total Cost= $ 226.07 (0.00299 x 60x 6) + (0.0015 x 60 x 2500)
  2. At 1080p Total Cost= $ 602.51 (0.00699 x 60 x 6) + (0.004 x 60 x 2500)

Other Interactive Live Streaming Providers

Many providers design and develop interactive live streaming with the same approach of enhancing engagement. These companies also allow multiple host streaming along with huge participant viewing numbers. One major difference between and these companies is that they calculate pricing based on the 2K+ on-screen resolution of the hosts.

What is 2K+ resolution?

2K+ is a resolution that exceeds the resolution of more than 2160 pixels. The interactive live streaming API providers calculate resolution based on the number of hosts adding up their respective screen resolutions. For example, 4 hosts streaming live at 720p makes a total of 720 x 4= 2,880p which is termed as 2K+ resolution.

Comparison: vs. Other Companies

The below image describes the units and pricing policies of anf other companies who deal with interactive live streaming APIs. We have took two standard resolutions for comparison. To reckon the pricing, most companies have pricing similar to the estimates we have claimed.

Video SDK Image
The above chart clearly represents the pricing difference of and other companies. With the same quality, features and deliverables we observe a huge price difference. Interactive live streaming has been an immersively attractive approach for brands and corporates to scale engagement.