Register this workshop to build the sample app or integrate the low latency live streaming within your React Native app.

Tuesday, 16 Nov 06:00 PM

📌 In the session, we covered

➟ Introduction to #VideoSDK
➟ How React Native Video SDK works?
➟ Integration of React Native SDK
➟ Go Live
➟ Various Use Cases
➟ Q&A Session and More.

The Video SDK React Native SDK is available now to help you quickly add voice, video, and live broadcasting to your mobile applications on iOS and Android. You can get the Video SDK React Native SDK here on Github.

This code sample demonstrates a one-to-one and group video call application built with Video SDK RTC React Native SDK and Video SDK RTC React SDK


  • Built for serverless video calling experience in Android and iOS.
  • Scale it up to 5,000 participants with low code.
  • 10,000 minutes free on a monthly basis
  • Video API with real-time audio, video, and data streams
  • 5,000+ participants support
  • Chat support with rich media.
  • Screen sharing with HD and Full HD.
  • Play the real-time video in a meeting
  • Connect it with social media such as Facebook, Youtube, etc (RTMP out support).
  • Intelligent speaker switch
  • Record your meetings on cloud
  • Customize UI and build other rich features with our new data streams such as whiteboard, poll, Q & A, etc.
Video SDK Image