Audio and video calling has become an important approach for majorly all corporates and entities. These calling APIs increase demand when accompanied by additional functions and attractive deliverables. API developers supplement features with various features and functions for attracting clients but the most important of all is cloud recording and RTMP. These additionals are becoming important.

This blog describes the two important functions- Cloud Recording and  RTMP, with their pricing. Stay tuned!

Cloud Recording

Cloud Recording refers to the storage of the video meeting which the host puts on recording to retrieve the meeting data for future use. It is a computer data recording system that records and stores video meetings in digital pools, typically called “the cloud”. has consistently provided RTC services with cloud recording function and here we present you the pricing. Do note, our cloud recording feature is designed at our clients’ comfort. We provide various recording options to ease the workflow of our clients.

There are two ways of cloud recording

a) Only cloud recording  b) Recording with storage and streaming

Only Cloud Recording

When a host believes in recording only the meeting from our video calling API and desires to store the recording in his cloud, he looks for this option. provides users with the option of only recording the meeting and then transcode and transfer it to their cloud.

When a user chooses this option we assure:

  • Only the cost of recording is charged
  • The cost of cloud recording is a one-time charge
  • There is no cost levied for storage and streaming
  • The meeting is recorded on our cloud
  • Users can transfer recorded meetings to their cloud
  • There is no transfer cost
  • The cost is computed on the number of meeting minutes and not the number of a participants

Calculation of cost

Video SDK Image

Cost = total recording minutes x cost per minute

Let’s understand the concept with some examples.

Our Cost per minute= $ 0.0015 for a month

Example 1

Total minutes= 20

Cost of cloud recording= 20 x 0.0015 = $ 0.03

Example 2

Total minutes = 160

Cost of cloud recording = 160 x 0.0015 = $ 0.24

Cloud Recording with storage and streaming also provides cloud recording with storage and streaming. The host when makes this choice, we supplement with all three services. The video meeting is recorded along with storage and streaming

When a user chooses to record along with storage and streaming, these points must be noted

  • The cost is charged for all three functions [Recording, Storage, and Streaming]
  • All three functions have independent pricing
  • The cost of Storage is recurring per month
  • The streaming costs are charged as per the number of views
  • The cost of cloud recording is a one-time charge

Calculation of cost

Cost of delivery(no.of views)= Total views x Total Minutes x $0.0010

Let’s understand the concept with some examples.

Example 1

Total minutes= 30, Total Views= 90

Cost of recording= 30x 0.0015 = $0.045

Cost of storage= 30 x 0.003= $0.09

Cost of delivery= 30 x 90 x 0.0010= $2.7

Example 2

Total Minutes= 100, Total Views= 200

Cost of recording= 100 x 0.0015 = $0.15

Cost of storage= 100 x 0.003= $0.3

Cost of delivery= 100 x 200 x 0.0010= $20

Real-Time Messaging Protocol (RTMP)

RTMP an abbreviate for Real-Time Messaging Protocol helps in the smooth transmission of data. RTMP helps streamers in streaming a large amount of data of audio, video, and other formats. It helps streaming data on multiple platforms with no trouble. It is used widely for real-time communication, live streaming, on-demand video streaming, and more. brings its RTMP prices with amazing features. Our RTMP functions make streamers enable easy transmission of videos to several different platforms like YouTube, Twitch, Facebook, and more.

At, with our RTMP,

  • You can re-stream to unlimited streaming platforms
  • The cost is charged as per the RTMP minutes
  • RTMP per video is a one-time cost

Calculation of cost of RTMP

Video SDK Image

Cost of RTMP per minute= Total RTMP minutes x $0.0025

Example 1

Total minutes= 60

Cost of RTMP= 60 x 0.0025= $0.15

Example 2

Total Minutes= 200

Cost of RTMP= 200 x 0.0025= $0.5 aims for delivering products with a qualitative aspect. All our services including cloud recording and RTMP are served with an astounding quality at affordable prices. Our additive functions- cloud recording and RTMP are some outstanding examples of quality.