Another year has passed quickly, and despite establishing technically sophisticated infrastructure, we have expanded significantly in 2022.

In 2022, we had remarkable growth and were the preferred option of developers for building live audio and video applications with high customization and better reliability.

First and foremost, I'd want to thank all of our customers, ranging from public limited businesses to independent developers. You provided us with a cause to work really hard while building such fantastic products.

Last but not least, I'd want to thank all of my team members and colleagues for believing in Video SDK's vision and purpose. Thank you very much for working so hard and making us all proud while building a global company.

We are a terrific team of hustlers, builders and executors. We don't learn from mistakes but mistakes learn from us.

Growth on Steroid

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Revenue Growth in 2022
  • +1,498% Revenue growth in 2022
  • 150% MOM growth in the last 12 months
  • +2,926%  ARPU in 2022
  • 551% net revenue retention (NRR) in 2022
  • 4.8 rating on customer success and support (When I said, we are loved by our customers. I mean it)
  • 500% growth of the community with 1,600+ active members and 200+ 1:1 team interactions.  
  • Massive product hunt launch with #1 product of the day against

2022 highlights at Video SDK

Global Infrastructure

We have established a worldwide infrastructure to provide the finest audio and video experience possible around the world.

It allows for reduced latency and greater bitrates from San Francisco and Singapore.

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Global Low Latency Infrastructure

Cross-platform mobile SDKs

We have released mobile SDKs that are highly optimised and cross-platform. All major programming languages are supported, including React Native (Android + iOS), Flutter (Android + iOS), Android Native, and iOS Native.

Mobile SDKs are cross-functional and cross-platform. It supports all the popular devices and synchronisation between each device. More power to developers. 💪

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Cross-Function Mobile SDKs

Interactive Live Streaming

We released interactive live streaming with a seamless mobile and web experience that supports 98% of devices and has a 3x lower live streaming delay than the market norm.

Web and mobile UI examples that cover all edge situations, such as adaptive streaming based on internet bandwidth, screen resolution, and codec support with cross-device compatibility.

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Interactive Live Streaming SDK

Customisation on Steroid

We are well-known for providing extensive customization help for building products ranging from customised UI to customised audio and video tracks.

In 2022, we released capabilities that enabled customers to develop extremely engaging audio/video conferencing, collaborative features, and interactive live-streaming experiences.

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End-to-End Customisation on Cross-Platform

Aside from that, we haven't stopped there. You can now not only customise the conference experience but also develop a Studio-like product with all of the interactive elements.

It is now possible to customise RTMP (social media simulation), Cloud Recording, and Interactive live streaming with features such as callouts, background change, custom branding, interactive layouts, and many more.

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Custom Template Support in RTMP, Cloud Recording & ILS

A global community with 1,600 members

We are really appreciative of everyone in our community who has helped us develop and expand. We love you all, and we know you love us.

With a 500% community growth rate and an average customer satisfaction score of 4.8. We have now arrived at the top of the world.

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World's Fastest Growing Community

Every day, our community contributes to the improvement of our products and infrastructure.

We all enjoy issue-solving problems, and community is the finest approach we've discovered to do it.

Analytics + Insights Infrastructure

We discovered that many developers are trying to optimise their applications. We've got you covered with our analytics infrastructure.

It provides information on audio and video quality scores, bitrate, jitter, packet loss, RTT, and many other metrics.

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Advanced Analytics & Insights Infrastructure

#1 Product of the Day on Product Hunt

Last but not least, we ranked first on Product Hunt. It was a pleasure to collaborate with everyone in the team.

Our community, other founders, and customers all contributed to us being the most loved live video SDK on Product Hunt.

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#1 Product of the day on Product Hunt

We became a global company

We began with the goal of building infrastructure that would allow you to virtually experience the real world. We are one step closer to achieving the same vision.

Customers from all across the world use VideoSDK. Their faith in us validates our empathy and goal to become the greatest cloud infrastructure.

So, what’s coming up in 2023?

We have a lot of exciting things planned for you in 2023. We are developing technology that will transform the way we communicate and interact with live video.

Hold on tight!