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GitHub Issues

Have a general issue or bug that you've found? We'd love to hear about it in our GitHub issues. This can be feature requests too!

Use this for: Bugs and other issues

Chat Support

For help and questions about best practices, billing and general information, contact us on chat support

Use this for: General questions

Email Support

We offer email based support. If you need SLAs, guaranteed response times, or have an issue, please contact us here.

Use this for: Issues or questions specific to you


To get started with all the SDK and API, refer to our guide. It will help you get started with with video sdk.

Use this for: Getting Started


Documentation will help you understand high level and low level APIs for all the SDK. It contacts all the properties, functions, events and methods.

Use this for: API Reference


Tutorials explains how to use our SDK and API in your application. All the tutorials are available on and through the Site.

Use this for: For Specific Platform Support

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