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#1 Dyte Alternative

Are you looking for a Dyte alternatives?

Get started with VideoSDK in just couple of hours with highly customizable UI kits.

  • In built, chat, poll, whiteboard, Q&A.
  • End to end granular customisation.
  • 10,000 minutes free every month.
  • No credit card required.
Dyte vs VideoSDK


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Experiencing challenges with Dyte? Fix all with VideoSDK

Super Fast Implementation

Effortless Virtual Events and Classrooms: Unlock Seamless Experiences with Prebuilt Templates and Add Video Calling to Your Platform in Just 10 Minutes!

Reduce Development Effort

Elevate Development Efficiency: Unlock 100x Time Savings with Custom Video Tracks, Text and Motion-Optimized Mode, Preconfigured Templates, and Code Examples.

Optimized For Best Call Quality

Experience Global Low-Latency: Immerse Yourself in High-Bitrate Audio and Video Streams for an Unparalleled Multimedia Encounter Worldwide.

Features Comparison: Dyte vs VideoSDK

Video SDK
No. of participants (Including hosts)
Dyte SDK supports limited participants.
VideoSDK supports millions participants.
Ease of SDK Integration
Dyte SDK easy to integrate but it take more time.
VideoSDK generally requires more than 2 weeks for

SDK integration

Adpative audio/video quality
Dyte SDK not offers adaptive audio/video quality.
VideoSDK offers adaptive audio/video quality.
Works behind the Firewall, Private Network
Role Management, Permissions, Policy and Templates
Dyte offer custom roles that are specific to your use-case.
VideoSDK offer Role Management, Permissions, Policy & Templates.
Automatic video and audio track degrade due to bandwidth in-consistency
Not Available
Build collaborative features like chat, poll, Q & A, whiteboard etc.
In Dyte collaborative features is available.
Collaborative features available VideoSDK.
Virtual Background, Live Transcription & ML Middleware
Complex Integration.
Easy integration
Cloud Recording
VideoSDK offers cloud recording capabilities.
VideoSDK offers cloud recording capabilities.
Interactive Whiteboard
Dyte provides an interactive whiteboard feature.
VideoSDK provides an interactive whiteboard feature.
Dyte SDK supports multiple platforms for a wider reach.
VideoSDK supports multiple platforms for a wider reach.
Interactive Participant Support
Dyte SDK provides limited support for interactive participants.
Up to 5,000
Mobile browser support
Dyte offers limited support for mobile browsers.
Video support only 90% mobile browsers.
Automatic audio / video degrade, re-connectivity
Dyte SDK supports automatic audio/video quality adjustments.
VideoSDK supports automatic audio/video quality adjustments..
Audio & Video powered by AI
Independent of Open Source Dependency
Dyte dependent on open source.
VideoSDK is not dependent on open source.
Full HD recording
Dyte SDK supports full HD recording.
VideoSDK supports full HD recording.
Open source templates
Dyte not heavily rely on open source templates.
VideoSDK heavily rely on open source templates.
Full Custom roles
Dyte offer limited support for custom roles.
VideoSDK offer support for full custom roles.
HLS Streaming
Agora SDK/API supports HLS streaming.
VideoSDK supports HLS streaming.
Dyte is not cost effective.
VideoSDK is cost effective.
Prebuilt SDK
Dyte not provides prebuilt SDKs for easier integration.
VideoSDK provides prebuilt SDKs for easier integration.
Fully customizable UI
Dyte allows for a customizable UI.
VideoSDK allows for a Limited customizable UI.
Metaverse platform support
Dyte not support Metaverse platform.
VideoSDK support Metaverse platform.
Session analytics
Dyte offer session analytics option.
VideoSDK offer session analytics option.
Data Tracks
Dyte not offer data tracks option.
VideoSDK offer track data option.

Price Comparison: Dyte vs VideoSDK

Video SDK
Volume Discount
Dyte not offer the volume discount.
VideoSDK offer the

volume discount

Video Conferencing
Dyte Charge $4 per minute for HD only.
  • Video SD: $2.00
  • Video HD: $3.00
  • Video Full HD: $7.00
  • Video 2K: $7.00
  • Video 2K+: $7.00
Dyte offer free analytics.
VideoSDK offer free analytics.
Separate pricing for video and audio
Free 10,000 minutes every month
Minimum price for video calls
Dyte video prise is $0.004 per participant minute
$0.002 per participant minute
Minimum price for audio-only calls
Dyte audio price is $0.001 per participant min
$0.0006 per participant min
Advanced Firewall Control
Dyte not offer firewall control.
VideoSDK offer free firewall control.
Compliance & Privacy
Dyte provides robust support only HIPPA compliance but it take charge $200/month.
Secure real-time audio-video to your app or website with compliance and privacy.
  1. HIPPA Complaint
  2. GDPR Complaint
  3. Data Localization
  4. SOC 2 Type 2
  5. VAPT(Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing,)
  6. CERT-in (Indian Computer Emergency Response Team )
Cloud recording pricing
Dyte cloud recording pricing is: Video HD: $10.00 1,000 minutes
  • Video SD: $15.00 1,000 minutes, No limit on participants
  • Video HD: $15.00 1,000 minutes,No limit on participants
RTMP pricing
Dyte RTMP pricing is $15 per 1,000 minutes
  • $15 per 1,000 minutes
ILS pricing
Aggregated resolution based per participant pricing
  • $0.001 per participant minute (Also supports Full HD)
Storage pricing
Extra cost
  • $3 per 1000 minutes per month


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“I still remember when I was trying out the product and connected over discord with Arjun Kava, and he immediately responded. It is one of the things that we found less often. The team is super enthusiastic to make the product as next big thing. Easy integration is the beauty of it. Few lines of code and it's done.”

Ankur Chandra ,

Engineering Manager at Fynd


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