I'm excited to share that Video SDK has secured $1.2 million in funding from GVFL and other strategic investors to drive the future of live video using generative AI, advanced video compression, and media routing technologies.

Future of video is immersive and interactive.

Building live video product is complex, with introduction camera in each of the new devices like virtual headsets, wearables and smart cameras going live is easy but it is hard for developers to build reliable live video app.

Video SDK is here to help you. We are empowering 10,000+ developers, 5+ public limited company, 3+ unicorns, 50+ mid-sized companies, and 300+ startups, including renowned names like FYND (frolic), Judge Group, ICICI Bank, Radius Insights, Alan, and many more.

Integrating live video into their applications has boosted companies' end-user engagement, collaboration, connectivity, and communication, leading to improved user satisfaction and retention, all within just a few days.

Our mission is to help developers to "build interactive and immersive live video experiences."

Building live video infrastructure is challenging, but we took the bold step from day one and it has paid off. We recognized the complexity of the problem, including issues with real-time video reliability, compatibility with modern/legacy devices, and inconsistency due to public ISPs and congested networks.

We are first company innovating to work on changing the fundamental building blocks of live audio and video over the internet. We are aiming to create robust live video infrastructure with generative AI to compress audio / video with neural encoders-decoders to solve reliability and compatibility.

In addition, our QUIC-based two-way live streaming and global media routing algorithms, independent of ISPs, ensure a seamless live video experience for all our customers, even in congested and inconsistent networks.

New network, verticals and devices are going to give more power to developers

As networks like 5G and Fiber become more capable, and new devices like smart cameras in mobiles, cameras in VR headsets, and wearables become widespread, the use of live video applications is expected to skyrocket. This trend will impact traditional markets such as education, banking, customer engagement, and telecommunication, as well as emerging verticals like gaming, metaverse, live commerce, and fantasy e-sports.

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We're investing in live video infrastructure to serve as a backbone for every developer's live app. We believe that now is the perfect time to replicate reality virtually.

Investing in the future with our investment.

We are laser-focused on creating next-generation live video infrastructure that sets the standard for enterprise-grade solutions. Our ambitious goal is to develop a cutting-edge platform that delivers unparalleled performance, reliability, and scalability to meet the demands of the future.

The investment will be used to further research, develop and enhance Video SDK's protocols and infrastructure for audio and video conferencing and interactive live streaming. Their vision is to build an infrastructure that replicates reality virtually.

Our vision is build infrastructure that helps to "replicate the reality virtually."

Our aim is to turn cutting-edge generative AI research into reality. We're actively recruiting the brightest minds in the field to lead our advanced research and development efforts.

Story behind the scene

As a founder of company, I have been invested with video technology for last many years. Our core team possesses deep expertise in video technology, backed by cutting-edge research capabilities.

Our team has successfully completed complex research projects at scale, including identifying sellable products from wild video datasets using triangular loss, recognizing faces and paths of individuals in wild CCTV footage using deep learning, developing a large-scale video recommendation engine for social learning videos with motion-based transformers, and designing a large-scale video encoding pipeline with AV1 and AVIF.

Our research capabilities have allowed us to approach the problem from a unique perspective and develop a robust live video infrastructure for developers.

The idea for Video SDK came to us while working on our previous venture, Zujo - a Social Learning Platform. We spent months building a live video experience, but we were not satisfied with the outcome. It lacked compatibility with all devices and reliability over congested and inconsistent networks was a major concern.

After discussing the same concerns with many developers and validating with them, we realized that none of the current solutions were capable of solving this problem. That's when we started working on it as a hunch at night. In just a few months, we had a proof of concept (POC) ready to be tested, and we shared it with developers for feedback. The response was overwhelmingly positive, and they loved it.

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With our research first approach, We are building generative AI cloud for live video including state-of-the-art research on neural audio compression with encoder-decoders, and upscaling video resolution from lower resolution to higher resolution on the fly.

Apart from this, We are building QUIC-based two-way media streaming and global media packet routing infrastructure using machine learning and customized congestion control algorithms, which is independent of Internet Service Providers. These algorithms are specifically designed for delivering large scale media at low latency.

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Our fresh approach to solving legacy problems has been successful, and we are currently serving thousands of companies to deliver the best live video experience. Our research-first approach has enabled us to build the most reliable live video delivery protocol, and this is just the beginning of our journey.

Hear from our customers and investors

Video SDK was awarded as the Most Innovative Technology Product of the year 2022 by Product Hunt and featured as the Product of the Day on the platform.

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We are having the best customer rating of 4.9 out of 5 on platforms like Product Hunt, Capterra and G2, showcasing its positive user feedback.

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"We are excited to support Video SDK's vision of building cutting-edge live video infrastructure for developers. Their innovative use of generative AI and machine learning to enhance video quality and performance is truly groundbreaking. We believe in the capabilities of their executive team and the momentum they have in the market"
Kamal Bansal, Managing Director at GVFL Ventures.

About Video SDK and how it can help you

Video SDK is a comprehensive live video infrastructure that offers a wide range of features, such as real-time video conferencing, video chat, screen sharing, cloud recording, interactive live streaming, and more. These features are accessible through a robust set of SDKs (Software Development Kits).

We empower developers with highly reliable and customizable live video experiences, supporting all major platforms such as web, desktop, and mobile. Our solution is cross-channel and easily customizable, with support for popular programming languages including JavaScript, React, React Native, Flutter, Android Native, iOS native, and many more.

Video SDKL offers a pay-as-you-go usage-based pricing model, eliminating the need for per-license payments. Our platform is highly scalable, customizable, and secure, making it suitable for businesses of all sizes and industries, from startups to enterprises.

Last but not least, We are hiring!

We are thrilled to announce that we are actively seeking exceptional talent to join our team and be part of our ambitious mission to build a large-scale live video infrastructure.

We are passionate about pushing the boundaries of what's possible with video technology, and we need brilliant minds to help us achieve our vision. As a team, we are dedicated to driving cutting-edge research initiatives and developing innovative solutions that will revolutionize the live video industry.

If you share our excitement and have expertise in areas such as video processing, real-time communications, or deep learning, we want to hear from you! Join us on this exhilarating journey as we shape the future of live video and make a significant impact in the industry.

Reach out to us at founders@videosdk.live or just apply at jobs

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