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When the Video SDK's default custom video track cannot meet your application's requirement, the SDK allows you to customize the video track process. By enabling custom video capture, you can manage the video capture on your own and send the captured video data to the SDK for the subsequent video encoding and stream publishing.

With custom video capture enabled, you can still call the SDK's API to render the video for local preview, which means you don't have to implement the rendering yourself.

Listed below are some scenarios where enabling a custom video track is recommended:

  • Your application needs to use a third-party beauty SDK (ex.Banuba SDK). In such cases, You can perform video capture, and video preprocessing using the beauty SDK and then pass the preprocessed video data to the Video SDK for the subsequent video encoding and stream publishing.
  • Your application needs to perform another task that also needs to use the camera during the live streaming, which will cause a conflict with the Video SDK's default video capturing module.
  • Custom audio tract functions this feature can be used to add custom layers like background noise removal, echo cancellation, etc. on audio and send it to other participants.
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Now you can have more control over camera and audio publishing before starting calls such as:

cameraId: Select a customized camera by default before starting a call.

encoderConfig: Provide the best matching resolution before publishing the video or audio streams. We came up with all the resolution and audio modes such as stereo, music rooms, and high-quality audio support.

facingMode: This will help to select the front or back camera before publishing the video stream.

optimizationMode: This will help with the quality of the video. It is really helpful as per the use-case of the app. It has three modes:

  • Text: This mode is really helpful while mentoring students or solving their issues while writing on paper. it will focus on the text as the first priority.
  • Motion: This mode will prioritize motion in comparison to details.
  • Detail: This mode will prioritize details in comparison to motion.
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Javascript: v0.0.29

  1. Custom Video Track: Docs
  2. Custom Audio Track: Docs
  3. Custom Screen share Track: Docs

ReactJS: v0.1.30

  1. Custom Video Track: Docs
  2. Custom Audio Track: Docs
  3. Custom Screen share Track: Docs

React Native: v0.0.26

  1. Custom Video Track: Docs
  2. Custom Audio Track: Docs
  3. Custom Screen share Track: Docs

Flutter : v0.0.12

  1. IOS mic issue resolved

Prebuilt SDK: v0.3.2

  1. Firefox browser camera permission issue has been resolved

Rest API /v2 released.
HLS Live Streaming APIs :

Low latency HLS streaming for you now with API as well. It can help to broadcast to thousands of viewers with low latency.

  1. Start HLS: Docs
  2. Stop HLS: Docs
  3. Fetch All HLS: Docs
  4. Fetch an HLS: Docs

Auth Security in v2: If you are really concerned with security and want to generate token only for accessing v2 APIs, then you need to provide `versions` and `role` under payload while signing JWT: Docs

const jwt = require('jsonwebtoken');
const options = { 
 expiresIn: '10m', 
 algorithm: 'HS256' 
const payload = {
 apikey: API_KEY,
 version: 2,
 role: ['CRAWLER'],
const token = jwt.sign(payload, SECRET, options);

Tutorials: Customized Layout: This feature allows you to start recording / HLS / Livestream with Customized Layout by providing `templateUrl`.

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