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InteractiveLive Streaming SDK

Interactive live streaming SDKs make it easy for one-to-many and many-to-many audio & video live streaming apps with Video SDK.

Full package of powerful features

Adaptive live streaming

Interactive Live Streaming SDK is designed to deliver live streaming in the most efficient way possible with the highest adjusted quality for each user and device. Our adaptive algorithm automatically identifies codec, resolution, and bitrate based on the compatibility of the device.

Dynamic layout for recording and simulcast

Customize your content, invite guests, change the layout, change the background, and popup chat messages while live streaming. The dynamic layout helps to build an end-to-end customizable recording and simulcasting.

Record live audio and video

Video SDK Recording is a service that lets you capture and record streaming audio and video to meet your business needs. Choose your layout, then record separate audio and video streams. you can also export the recorded audio or video streams, add watermarks, or use snapshots from them in real-time for content moderation.

Simulcast on social media

Copy the RTMP URL and stream key from popular destinations such as YouTube, Periscope, or Twitch into your Simulcast settings. Activate Simulcast on all your events or on a meeting-by-meeting basis.

Build smooth backstage and on-stage experience

It is really easy to build backstage, on-stage, and breakout room experiences with connection API. It helps developers to connect multiple rooms together and pass participants, messages, and many more things in-between.

Additional features


5000 Participant Support


Real-time Messaging


Control Resolution


Control Quality

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