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Live Audio & VideoCalling SDK

Video SDK provides live audio-video global infrastructure, Easily integrates real-time audio-video to your app or website in minutes.

Full package of powerful features

Live audio streaming

Easily integrate live audio streaming into your website or app. Stream live audio worldwide without worrying about scale and latency. Our audio SDK enables an opportunity to integrate full bandwidth audio, and adaptive audio bitrate with a smooth experience.

Customize audio & video experience

Build cross-channel live video and audio experience. Easily build a complete customized experience embedded in your app. Video SDK works on every platform such as Web, React Native, Flutter, Android, and iOS.

Record live audio and video

Video SDK Recording is a service that lets you capture and record streaming audio and video to meet your business needs. Choose your layout, then record separate audio and video streams. you can also export the recorded audio or video streams, add watermarks, or use snapshots from them in real-time for content moderation.

Connect rooms with each other

Building smooth backstage, on-stage, or breakout rooms is now easy. We provide simple APIs to connect multiple rooms with each other and on top of that, you can switch participants, send chat messages, fetch other room information, etc.

Moderate camera and mic permissions

Now it’s easy to build applications with multiple roles such as host, moderator, and co-host. Our moderation API helps you to mute, unmute, enable the camera and disable the camera of other participants as a host.

Low latency globally

With a global intelligent network designed to reduce the latency and quality in any corner of the world. Video SDK edge network locations are the best in the market to deliver high-quality live video and audio.

Active speaker indication

Our intelligent active speaker technology identifies or observes active speakers, not just based on high volume but also on who is speaking consistently in the meeting. It helps to enable best experience on medium and large group meetings.

Additional features


Pin Participant


Screen Share


Control Resolution


Control Quality

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