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Accel-backed Slaycool is able to monetize 10x more free users using VideoSDK
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Berlin, Germany

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Audio & Video SDK

Cloud Recording

Slaycool (also known as “Omegle for GenZ”) is social dating app that provide live streaming and voice chat within app for more immersive social experience.
Founded in 2022 by a trio of 23-year old, Fabian Kamberi, Jannis Ringwald, and Stefan Quernhorst, SLAY has raised €2.5 million in a pre-seed funding round from Accel, Harry Stebbings & Ilkka Paananen (20VC), Alex Pall (The Chainsmokers), Mario Götze, Scott Belsky (Behance), and Kevin Weil (Scribble Ventures).


Less Engagement - Barrier in Monetization

  • Slow Joining Time: Friction in joining time hindered user engagement and potentially led to missed connections and impact on user experience.
  • Global Latency Issue: Experienced significant delays and lag in connecting users across different regions, particularly between Australia, EU, and USA.
  • Concurrency Limitations: Difficulty to handle concurrent sessions efficiently due to high volume of users joining in short span of time.
  • Recording Initialization time: Inconsistent and delay in recording initiation led to missed critical user interactions, hindering effective analysis and review.
  • Security Concerns: Need enhanced security with trusted compliance to safeguard user anonymity with data encryption.
  • Limited Moderation Capabilities: Struggled to identify potentially harmful or inappropriate behavior, impacting user safety and platform integrity.
  • Barrier in Monetizing: Struggled to retain user beyond the initial 15 seconds of their social experience lead to missed opportunity to monetize.


Scalable Solution with Gamified Experience

  • Global infrastructure: Globally distributed servers reduced latency and ensured smooth and uninterrupted interactions.
  • Scalable solution: Scalable Infrastructure allowed to host numerous concurrent sessions, and supported a high volume of simultaneous interactions.
  • Compliant-SDK: GDPR compliant SDK ensured data encryption, access control, and breach prevention.
  • Auto Recording Control: Automated recording feature with session start ensured consistent and accurate recording.
  • Moderation Control: Moderation algorithms for all session automatically analyzed and maintain control over potential violations.
  • Unlocking Monetization: Gamified experiences boosted user retention beyond the Initial 15 seconds, fueling Monetization.
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Slaycool’s Success with Video SDK


Joining time

Reduced time from 4 seconds to 0.5 seconds with any concurrent videos.


on the App Store

Topping the charts in just 4 days after launch in the EU and North America


Increase in monetization

Transformed 15-Second Engagements into Monetization Opportunities.


Weekly Active Users

Enabled simultaneous high-engagement interactions catering to a larger user base.


Users Joining time


Increase in monetization


Weekly Active Users


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