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How LetsUpgrade became an independent Live online learning platform with VideoSDK


LetsUpgrade is an Ed-Tech platform founded in 2020 that's building technology learning community, comprising of over 500k+ members. We are on a mission to solve India’s technology talent crisis.

Here, thousands of students and engineers learn the most in-demand technologies by working with the industry's best mentors, solving real-life problems. Our platform makes learning engrossing and interesting for students because you're actually building things and getting hands-on experience, rather than just listening to a lecture online.


We at LetsUpgrade started experimenting with Video.sdk after going through so many solutions, as part of our POC for a huge scale problem for 1500+ employees organization, and then from the day we have started using Video.sdk we found it super helpful and team is fabulously supporting at each step of the journey.


CEO, Letsupgrade

Upgrading the Live Learning Experience

While solving the crisis with a huge virtual classroom, we discovered that Live learning via Google Meet or Zoom didn’t give the best experience of customization. It was hard to maintain track of large webinars, online classes and live streams going on simultaneously. So we decided to build our own platform that will bring in the revolution in the future of online learning.


Let’s Upgrade to Video SDK

After searching for a partner to solve our live streaming and scalability needs, we discovered Video SDK that provides everything we need. With their reliable and scalable technology, we were able to reach more people over multiple social media platforms. Video SDK has empowered LetsUpgrade to evolve as the best learning platform globally.



more affordable than other SDKs.



concurrent live classes streaming on multiple platforms


If you are someone who have to build something for huge scale and want to have worry free billing and good support then do consider Video SDK. It's an amazing service you guys providing. It is helping LetsUpgrade to achieve new heights of success in the EdTech world!


CTO, Letsupgrade

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